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"You are mine now..."

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That day, I had gone to my office using the subway, since my nice old car had denied me to use it... In the warm early autumn, that evening night, I was coming back home walking through a nearer park, just as a shortcut. Sitting on a dark bench, I noticed a woman there, her long legs spread wide and her loose dress pulled all the way up so her thighs were bare. It seemed like she was touching herself. She noticed me coming and tried to get her dress down. The woman apologized, but I told her it was fine for me. She spoke in a sweet nice stranger accent, but in a deep voice. She was built st… Read more

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Getting my asshole so sore...

AnalMatureInterracial Sex

I was suffering my third night home alone. Victor was in a long business trip and he did not even when he could be backing home. On late afternoon I went to the local mall; some shopping would calm down my arousal state of mind for sure. I felt really horny; my desire of fucking a good cock was keeping me on fire. But there was nothing I could do than wait for my loving Victor’s coming back home… When I was on my way back, I met a black man on the street. He stared at me from head to feet and I did the same. He was a handsome man, athletic, muscled, ebony giant really. We chat for a littl… Read more

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Testing a brand new bed...

VoyeurHardcoreGroup Sex

My girlfriend Laura called me that morning, saying she would love to get me at her house, since she had purchased a new king size bed and the delivery was scheduled before midday. She added that she would love also to try that new bed with me, since her loving husband was out of town right now. A while later we were both in the main sofa kissing and touching each other, when suddenly we heard a knock at the door. Laura answered, finding there two nice looking young men, very tall, athletic and muscled. They were Andy and Keith. They brought the bed in, took it upstairs and removed the old on… Read more

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In the right mood for a BBC...

MatureInterracial SexHardcore

Hubby would work until late that evening and I was at the gym, working out hard, trying to get rid of my bad mood… I was running in a tread mill, when a tall handsome black man came into and started running on next to me. He was in great shape with a muscular build, a nice dark skin. After jogging for a few minutes the man removed his sweat shirt. I did my best to keep my eyes forward, but I could not do it. I just glanced over and saw his muscular chest glistening as the sweat dripped down his whole body. As my eyes moved down past his waist I noticed a huge bulge inside his shorts. It wa… Read more

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I’m my Wife’s Sissy

FetishAnalFirst Time

My story starts 2yrs ago when l retired early from work, also at that time l was having trouble with my sex life, so went to see a doctor who informed me l was going through what he described as a male menopause which l never knew existed. My scrotum had shrunk and looked like a shrivelled ping-pong ball, my penis had retreated into my balls and could only be seen if l got an erection which measured almost an inch and with a cock that size l was finding it impossible to please my wife Jolie, so brought a strap-on, but l could see this wasn’t giving the enjoyment Jolie was used to getting, so o… Read more

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It was Tuesday evening at the hostel and she was working a late shift with a sleepover. At 9pm she had supervision with David. She had been working at the hostel for a while so her and David knew each other. In the supervision David asked her about how things were at home. She wasn’t enjoying being at home, that’s why she had taken the job. Because her and David were friends the conversation came around to sex and basically although she loved her husband she wasn’t getting enough sex. Later that night after 11pm when she finished her shift she went upstairs to have a bath, it was okay because… Read more

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Inside the mind of a Cocksucking Sissy, Part 2

Gay MaleHardcore

This is a follow-up to my last story that I posted several weeks ago. After I finished writing Part 1, I got ready for bed, butterflies in my stomach, feeling excited about my encounter the next day. I don’t know about all of you but as I have gotten older, the day to day emotional highs and lows start to flatten out, life loses some of its excitement. Maybe it has to do with having more life experiences – you get used to them. Maybe it has something to do with getting older and having less energy. Whatever the reason, there are times when I am just “meh” about my life and I kind of feel a lit… Read more

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Granny Vacation Part 1


I don’t have much experience with story writing so please excuse my grammar and structure. From the beginning, I had been invited to go stay at my friends summer condo for a few weeks, luxury vacation with beaches and bitches I was told, the only condition is my friends grandma will be staying there so we needed to help her with painting the outside of the house and whatever else she needed in the duration of our stay. Hell yeah easy work and then all play, or so I thought. We had arrived at the condo after a super quick 2 hour flight, beautiful blue sky and a bottle of beer in my hand, the… Read more

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A very nice trip of commission in train 2 :-P


https://it.xhamster.com/videos/metro-mature-upskirt-3579538 very good this video very thanks for who to has uploaded this video, i see this video here above always very glad and, after have putting it at full screen, i masturbing myself and i come always nice hot also because it's the same visual that i also have had the lucky of to have in a nice situation like in this video in a trip of commission with my sister. It was the second time that i and my sister did a trip of commission, and also this time in train like the first time recounted in a my previous story :-P, and my sister was with an… Read more

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Meeting some guys at the pool...

AnalInterracial SexGroup Sex

Hubby needed to attend some business matters at Las Vegas and he invited me to share a couple of days with him there. The first afternoon he left me alone in our hotel, offering me if I wanted to try my luck at the Casino. It was a nice summer day and I was not in the mood for losing my money; so I stayed in the room, and from my window I could see that no one was down by the pool at that time. So I decided to go and sit out by the pool and enjoy the nice sun. I slipped into my sexiest bikini, a lime yellow one that really showed off my nice tits and barely covered my ass cheeks. I grabbed… Read more

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My sensual wife doing extra time...

MatureVoyeurInterracial Sex

I was a bit intrigued about why my sweet Anita was working after hours during that week at her office… It was not usual for her; but this was her fourth consecutive night she worked so late, when she usually did this just a couple times a month. When I asked her about this, Ana said that they were short of staff. They had also some building work in progress and needed extra staff in to just be around in case needed, but mainly to watch everything was safe at the office.. That Friday night she was doing her fifth late shift and I thought to surprise her at her office and I would keep her comp… Read more

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Ana aroused by our Latin neighbor


One night, after fucking like crazy rabbits in our bed, Ana confessed she was feeling aroused by our old neighbor Ramon, a Latin type guy that we had met for years… Anita admitted she used to spy on him every time he was in his back yard; she told me she got wet when he was around, exposing his sweating and huge muscled torso… In the morning, I knocked at Ramon’s door and asked if he wanted to fuck my little sexy blonde wife. He seemed a little bit surprised but then he answered, of course yes, he would love to fuck Ana as she deserved. He clarified that she would be fucked the way he wanted… Read more

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Picking up a hard Moroccan guy...

MatureVoyeurInterracial Sex

After moving to Savannah, my sweet wife told me she had noticed too many black men in the streets. I said sure, since now we were in the real south… My fantasy had always been to watch my sweet wife fucking a well hung black man. I had mentioned it many times when we have both been having sex; Ana said it would turn her on to have someone watch her having sex with a black man, especially if it was me. One evening we went to spend a while in a local pub. After so many drinks I could not remember most of the night there… The next morning, while nursing a massive hard hangover, Anita commented t… Read more

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A date with my Latin guy friend...

MatureVoyeurGay Male

Hubby warned me he would come back home very late in the evening, since he had still some paperwork to do at his office. I told him that my old friend Saul had invited me for a walk. Victor laughed in the phone, saying I would be safe, since he knew that Saul was gay; so the guy would not try to fuck me. I laughed back, saying I was pretty sure that my sweet friend was bisexual…He was a handsome Latin type man, very polite; younger than me and I had seen a couple times his big and thick cock… That night I made my best to get sure I was looking sexy… A little tight black silk dress and a pair… Read more

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Ana performs as a sexy stripper

AnalVoyeurInterracial Sex

I had completed my business trip one day before schedule and I was flying back home. My cell phone’s battery was dead; so I decided it could be nice to surprise Anita arriving home early. But I had the surprise; when I could not find her at home…. It was Friday late evening; so it was very strange. I spent a long while calling some of her friends, asking if she was there, but it was useless. Nobody knew about her since that afternoon. I found a kind of business card on the floor, close to the main table at the dining room. I was even stranger, I could not recognize the name of some guy there… Read more

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A black male flight attendant

MatureVoyeurInterracial Sex

I was sent to New York for a quick business trip; so I invited my sweet wife to join me; so she could visit old friends living there. We were resting in our seats during the flight and I could notice that she was looking in a persistent way at a black male flight attendant. He was a tall young man, handsome, but I thought he could be gay. I asked Ana if she would like to have that man inside her. She smiled and replied: “Shut up, I know what you are thinking… he is not gay” she hissed. I smiled and challenged her to prove I was wrong. Anita did not even answer me; she just closed her eyes an… Read more

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Masturbation Questionnaire


I saw this on some other peoples profiles, and thought I'd have a go. So, enjoy! If we have anything in common, then drop me a DM! Food for thought :joy: Thought I'd have a go at your questionnaire :D Are you male or female? Male Age? 26 At what age did you start masturbating? 14 How many times a week do you masturbate? Full blown ejaculation probably 4 times a week, depends how busy I am. How many times do you orgasm each time you play with yourself? Define orgasm :P Where do you masturbate: In bed? yes In the shower? yes In the bath? yes Outdoors? have done At work? not yet, but… Read more

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Mistis' Adventures Part 208


The house was empty, except for the two couples. Bob and Melody, and Albert and Althea. The silence, after the near deafening roar of a happy crowd, was almost tangible. The four were sitting on the patio, talking quietly about the things that had been heard, or seen today, and sipping at beverages. Melody had a glass of light, white wine, Bob and Althea were drinking ice tea, and Albert with a tall glass of orange juice. He drank it like it was going out of style, and would have it for any reason. Althea was sitting there, looking askance at Bob, and thinking of the time they had shared thi… Read more

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Sexual Fantasies: The Waiter

First TimeGay Male

DISCLAIMER: This particular series of stories will be one-off adventures. Some long, some short. Some straight, some lesbian, some bi, some sissy, some gay (probably most). But hopefully you’ll find them arousing! Sexual Fantasies The Waiter Jake and his wife, Brittany, were celebrating their second anniversary. After being seated and giving their drink order to the waiter, Jake had excused himself to use the bathroom. Once finished, Jake flushed the urinal and zipped up his pants. As he turned toward the sink, he noticed the waiter, Dylan, was standing in the doorway. “Your… Read more

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Sexy webcam granny during lock down


Our local council had taken an initiative during lock down to encourage older people to use skype to meet new people on the basis that there were quite a lot of lonely silver surfers out there. I signed up as I was bored out of my skull during this isolation due to the fact that I could not visit any of my local granny fuck mates. I was not expecting very much but there could always be some old biddies who would give me a show to wank to. I struck lucky on my third outing with Felicity. She emailed me saying that she would rather speak to a young person rather than some old fogies. This… Read more

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